Sizing Guide

Every hat is made to order and having the correct fit is KEY to this process.

To ensure proper fit please read the following instructions;

Using a soft measuring tape please measure your head at the widest part of your head. This is about one fingers width above each ear and across the middle of your forehead.

To ensure proper measurements repeat this process up to three times. While measuring your head make sure to allow for “wiggle” room. Do this by placing a finger or two between your head and measuring tape.

Records your measurement in centimeters and note it in the space provided at checkout.

If a soft measuring tape is not available use a piece of string. Placing the string around the widest circumference of your head and mark your desired fit. Once you've done this place the string/ribbon down beside a ruler or yard stick and record in centimeters.

If you have questions concerns fill out our contact form and we will be in touch with you soon!